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Marwan Khoury : Kol El Qasayed

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Fiche technique de Album - Marwan Khoury : Kol El QasayedDate de publication: 28 juin 2013


Album: Kol El Qasayed

Poste le: 28-06-2013 @ 4:32

Genre: Oriental

Vues: 17  347 Fois

Marwan Khoury (Arabic: مروان خوري‎) (February 3, 1968) is a Lebanese singer, writer, composer and music arranger. His compositions are performed by some of the most famous artists in the Arab World and adapted by many other countries including Turkey. He composed hits for leading artists such as Majida El Roumi, Saber Rabai, Nawal Al Zoghbi, Assala Nasri, Najwa Karam, Fadl Shaker, Elissa, Carole Samaha, Bassima, andMyriam Fares.

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