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Beyonce : Dangerously In Love (Australian Edition)

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Fiche technique de Album - Beyonce : Dangerously In Love (Australian Edition)Date de publication: 18 juin 2013


Album: Dangerously In Love (Australian Edition)

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Genre: R&B

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Dangerously in Love is the debut studio album by American R&B recording artistBeyoncé Knowles, released on June 22, 2003 by Columbia Records. Recording sessions for the album took place in 2002 to 2003 at several studios, during the hiatus of her then-group Destiny’s Child. The tracks in the album are a mixture of uptempos and ballads, which are basically inspired by R&B and soul genres; it also features elements of hip hopand Arabic music. Although Knowles remained discreet about her interpretation of the songs, its underlying meanings were attributed by music writers as an allusion to her intimate relationship with then-boyfriend and well-known music mogul Jay-Z.

Dangerously in Love propelled Knowles in becoming a viable solo star, as well as one of the most marketable singers in the recording industry. It became a worldwide commercial success, earning multi-platinum certifications in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, selling 317,000 copies in its first week. Dangerously in Love received mixed to positive reviews from music critics upon its release and earned Knowles five Grammy Awards.

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. « Crazy in Love » (featuring Jay-Z) Beyoncé Knowles, Rich Harrison,Shawn Carter, Eugene Record Harrison, Knowles 3:56
2. « Naughty Girl » Knowles, Scott Storch, Robert Waller, Angela Beyincé, Pete Bellotte, Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer Storch, Knowles 3:29
3. « Baby Boy » (featuring Sean Paul) Knowles, Storch, Sean Paul Henriques, Waller, Carter Storch, Knowles 4:05
4. « Hip Hop Star » (featuring Big Boi and Sleepy Brown) Knowles, Bryce Wilson, Makeda Davis, Antwan Patton, Carter Knowles, Wilson 3:43
5. « Be with You » Knowles, Harrison, Beyincé,Shuggie Otis, George Clinton, Jr.,William Collins, Gary Cooper Harrison, Knowles 4:20
6. « Me, Myself and I » Knowles, Storch, Waller Storch, Knowles 5:01
7. « Yes » Knowles, Bernard Edwards, Jr., Carter Knowles, Focus… 4:19
8. « Signs » (featuring Missy Elliott) Missy Elliott, Nisan Stewart, Craig Brockman Elliott, Brockman*, Stewart* 4:58
9. « Speechless » Knowles, Andreao Heard, Sherrod Barnes, Beyincé Knowles, Andreao « Fanatic » Heard, Barnes 6:00
10. « That’s How You Like It » (featuring Jay-Z) Delroy « D-Roy » Andrews, Brian Bridgeman, Carter, Randy DeBarge, Eldra DeBarge, Etterlene Jordan D-Roy, Mr. B, Knowles 3:39
11. « The Closer I Get to You » (duet with Luther Vandross) James Mtume, Reggie Lucas Nat Adderley, Jr. 4:58
12. « Dangerously in Love 2 » Knowles, Errol McCalla, Jr. Knowles, Errol « Poppi » McCalla, Jr. 4:53
13. « Beyoncé Interlude » Knowles Knowles 0:16
14. « Gift from Virgo » Knowles, Otis Knowles 2:45
15. « Daddy » Knowles, Mark Batson Knowles, Batson 4:57
European, Latin American and Australian edition
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
15. « Work It Out » Knowles, Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo The Neptunes 4:06
16. « ’03 Bonnie & Clyde » (Jay-Z featuring Beyoncé) Carter, Kanye West, Prince, Darryl Harper, Rick Rouse, Tupac Shakur, Tyrone Wrice West 3:25
17. « Daddy » (hidden track) Knowles, Batson Knowles, Batson 4:57
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