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Bryan Adams : Room Service

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Album: Room Service

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Genre: Rock

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Room Service is the ninth studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams. The album was released by Polydor Records on September 10, 2004. Room Service was the first release of new Adams material since the soundtrack album Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron in 2002 and the first studio album in six years since On a Day Like Today. Adams produced the album and co-wrote the album with Gretchen Peters, Nicholas Bracegirdle, Phil Thornalley, Robert John « Mutt » Lange, Eliot Kennedy and Jörgen Elofsson. Similar to Adams previous material, the themes in Room Service are mainly based on romance, love and relationships.

Room Service was a commercial success, peaking at number one in Germany and Switzerland, despite mixed reviews from critics. The album charted in the top ten in seven other territories; its least successful charting area was France, where the album peaked at number two-hundred. Room Service entered the charts in more than 15 countries. The album didn’t fare as well in the United States, where it was released by Adams without a record company, but internationally the album sold 3 million copies.

Five songs were released from the album in various forms and at various times: « Open Road », « Flying », « Room Service », « This Side of Paradise » and « Why Do You Have to Be So Hard to Love?, of which the three firsts were released as physical singles internationally and the two later being a radio-airplay singles. The album’s first single charted within the top twenty on the Canadian Singles Chart, the second within the top forties in Canada and the top hundred in Europe; « Room Service » was less commercially successful. The album was nominated for two Juno Awards, for « CD/DVD Artwork Design of the Year » and « Artist of the Year ».

Track listings

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. « East Side Story » Peters, Bracegirdle 4:45
2. « This Side of Paradise » Peters 3:50
3. « Not Romeo Not Juliet » Thornalley, Munday 3:37
4. « Flying » Lange 4:04
5. « She’s a Little Too Good for Me » Peters 2:37
6. « Open Road » Kennedy 3:35
7. « Room Service » Kennedy 2:53
8. « I Was Only Dreamin' » Peters 2:30
9. « Right Back Where I Started From » Kennedy 3:41
10. « Nowhere Fast » Peters, Ellofsson 3:48
11. « Why Do You Have to Be So Hard to Love? » Peters 2:58
12. « Blessing in Disguise (UK/Japan Bonus Track and B-side of single)«  Peters 3:00