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David Guetta : Pop Life

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Album: Pop Life

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Genre: House

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Pop Life is the third studio album released by French DJ David Guetta. It was released in 2007 and produced by Joachim Garraud. Longtime collaborator Chris Willis is the main vocalist; guest vocals are provided by JD Davis, Juliet, Tara McDonald, Cozi Costi and Thailand. The first single to be released from Pop Life was « Love Is Gone », which became a Top 10 hit on the UK Singles Chart, peaking at #9. A remix by Fred Riester and Joachim Garraud received play in dance clubs across the world. The second single was « Baby When the Light » which featured vocals by Cozi Costi. Subsequent singles include « Delirious », featuring Tara McDonald on vocals, « Tomorrow Can Wait » and « Everytime We Touch ». The album has sold 530,000 copies worldwide and 18,000 copies in the United States.

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. « Baby When the Light »(featuring Cozi) Steve Angello, Cathy Dennis, Joachim Garraud, David Guetta, Henry Walter Guetta, Dennis 3:27
2. « Love Is Gone » (featuring Chris Willis) (Original Mix) Garraud, Guetta, Fredéric Riesterer Guetta, Riesterer, Garraud 3:08
3. « Everytime We Touch » (withChris Willis, Steve Angello &Sebastian Ingrosso) Angello, Garraud, Guetta, Sebastian Ingrosso Guetta, Garraud, Angello, Ingrosso 3:40
4. « Delirious » (featuring Tara McDonald) Garraud, Guetta, Tara McDonald, Carl Ryden Garraud, Guetta 4:31
5. « Tomorrow Can Wait »(featuring Chris Willis) vs. El Tocadisco) Guetta, Garraud, Tocadisco, Karen Poole Guetta, Garraud, Tocadisco 3:33
6. « Winner of the Game »(featuring JD Davis) Guetta, Garraud, David Henrard, Xavier Clayton Guetta, Garraud 3:02
7. « Do Something Love »(featuring Juliet) Guetta, Garraud, Ben Chapman, Jim Irvin, Juliet Richardson Guetta, Garraud 4:10
8. « You’re Not Alone » (featuringTara McDonald) Guetta, Garraud, Tara McDonald, Ryden Guetta, Garraud 3:54
9. « Never Take Away My Freedom » (featuring Chris Willis) David Guetta, Garraud, Chris Willis Guetta, Garraud 4:09
10. « This Is Not A Love Song »(featuring JD Davis) Guetta, Garraud, John Lydon, Keith Levere, Martin Atkins Guetta, Garraud 3:46
11. « Always » (featuring JD Davis) Guetta, Garraud, Henrard, Clayton Guetta, Garraud 4:00
12. « Joan of Arc » (featuring Thailand) Guetta, Garraud, Alexander Perls, Marc Linquist Guetta, Garraud 4:01
13. « Love Is Gone » (Fred Rister & Joachim Garraud Radio Edit) (featuring Chris Willis) Guetta, Garraud Fredéric Riesterer, Fred Rister & Joachim Garraud (Remix) 3:22
Total length:
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