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DJ Skee & The Game : The Black Wall Street Journal Vol. 1

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Album: The Black Wall Street Journal Vol. 1

Poste le: 29-05-2013 @ 1:33

Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

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The Black Wall Street Records is a record label founded by Jayceon « Game » Taylor and his half-brother George « Big Fase 100 » Taylor III.


The name « The Black Wall Street » is adopted from what was the racially segregatedGreenwood neighborhood of Tulsa, Oklahoma. During the oil boom of 1920’s, Greenwood was home to several prominent black business men.

Before The Documentary, Game dropped a series of mixtapes on his own label, The Black Wall Street. After leaving G-Unit Records, Game hoped to push The Black Wall Street to the mainstream to compete with his former label and labelmates. Big Fase 100 eventually left the label officially after internal problems with Game. Though the company hasn’t released an official retail album, it has released several mixtapes including the « Black Wall Street Journal » and « BWS Radio » series. The label is thought to have had a distribution deal with Capitol Records it was distributed through Warner Bros. Records. Former artists who have been on the label include: Eastwood, Techniec, Cyssero, Vita, and Charli Baltimore.