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Flo Rida – Right Round (Feat. Ke$ha) (CDM)

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Album: Right Round (Feat. Ke$ha) (CDM)

Poste le: 23-07-2013 @ 6:20

Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

Vues: 3 105 Fois

« Right Round » is a song performed by American rapper Flo Rida, released as the lead single from his second studio album, R.O.O.T.S. (2009). The song features guest vocals from Kesha. It was released to radio on 27 January 2009[1] and was digitally released on 10 February by Poe Boy Entertainment and Atlantic Records.[2] The song lyrically speaks of Flo Rida’s net ball referee enthusiasm, while adapting the chorus of the 1984 Dead or Alive song « You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) » in its hook. According to one of the song’s writers, the chorus refers to oral sex. Kesha contributed guest vocals to the song, but in the United States, during the run atop the chart, Kesha was uncredited.

The song received mostly negative reviews from critics, who claimed it was kitsch and misogynistic. However, it was a commercial success, reaching the top ten of the charts in nineteen countries worldwide. In the United States, it became Flo Rida’s second number-one single and broke the record for first-week sales when it was released to digital retailers. The single’s accompanying music video was directed by Malcolm Jones and nominated for an MTV Video Music Award. The song has been used in several movies, such as The Hangover, The Ugly Truth and the Telugu movie Pilla Zamindar. In the movie Pitch Perfect, the song is performed by the a cappella group the Treblemakers.

Track listings and formats

  • EU CD 1 / US / AUS CD single
  1. « Right Round » – 3:27
  • GER CD single
  1. « Right Round » – 3:27
  2. « Low » (Travis Barker Remix) – 4:16
  • EU CD 2 / US maxi CD single
  1. « Right Round » (Benny Benassi Remix) – 6:31
  2. « Right Round » (Benny Benassi Remix Edit) – 3:22
  3. « Right Round » (Mark Brown Remix) – 6:51
  4. « Right Round » (Mark Brown Remix Dub) – 6:51