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Madonna – You can Dance

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Album: You can Dance

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Genre: Dance

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You Can Dance is the first remix album by American singer-songwriter Madonna, released on November 18, 1987, by Sire Records. The album contains remixes of tracks from her first three studio albums—Madonna (1983), Like a Virgin (1984) and True Blue (1986)— and a new track, « Spotlight ». In the 1980s, remixing was still a new concept and technology, by which a particular vocal phrase could be endlessly copied, repeated, chopped up, transposed up and down in pitch and give them more echo, reverberation, treble or bass. Madonna became interested in the concept, noting that she hated when others remixed her song and wanted to do it by herself.

Madonna turned to her old friend and producer John « Jellybean » Benitez to help her remix the songs, and also enlisted the help of Patrick Leonard, the producer of True Blue. The mixes on You Can Dance exhibited a number of typical mixing techniques. Instrumental passages were lengthened to increase the time for dancing, which undermined the tighter structure of the original pop song. Vocal phrases were repeated and subjected to multiple echoes, panned across the stereophonic sound outlets. At certain points, almost no music is heard except the drums and at other times, the drums are removed with only the high-hat left to keep time. The album cover denoted Madonna’s continuous fascination with Hispanic culture.

Track listing

Below is the Vinyl edition tracklisting, the CD edition of the album included three bonus dub version tracks, the cassette edition includes four bonus dub tracks.

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. « Spotlight » (new recording) Madonna, Stephen Bray Bray, John « Jellybean » Benitez 6:23
2. « Holiday » (from Madonna, 1983) Curtis Hudson, Lisa Stevens Benitez (remixed by Benitez) 6:32
3. « Everybody » (from Madonna, 1983) Madonna Mark Kamins Bruce Forest, Frank Heller 6:43
4. « Physical Attraction » (from Madonna, 1983) Reggie Lucas Lucas (remixed by Benitez) 6:20
5. « Over and Over » (from Like a Virgin, 1984) Madonna, Bray Nile Rodgers, Steve Thompson, Michael Barbiero 7:11
6. « Into the Groove » (from Like a Virgin, 1985 re-issue) Madonna, Bray Madonna, Bray, Shep Pettibone 8:06
7. « Where’s the Party » (from True Blue, 1986) Madonna, Bray, Patrick Leonard Madonna, Leonard, Bray, Pettibone 7:16