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Phil Collins : Hello i Must be Going!

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Album: Hello i Must be Going!

Poste le: 7-07-2013 @ 23:58

Genre: Pop, Rock

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Hello, I Must Be Going! is the second studio album by English singer-songwriter Phil Collins. It was originally released 1 November 1982. This album’s name comes from the Marx Brothers’ song with the same name, featured in the movie Animal Crackers. The album was promoted with a tour of the same name. The album brought Collins his first nomination for British Male Artist at the Brit Awards in 1983.

The album contains the cover version of The Supremes hit « You Can’t Hurry Love », which is one of Collins’ best-known singles. Overall, nine of the album’s ten tracks made some sort of chart worldwide, although « You Can’t Hurry Love » was easily the album’s most significant hit. Other notable tracks include the modern-jazz instrumental « The West Side », and « Thru These Walls », a dark voyeuristic song about a man listening through the wall to his neighbours partaking in unseemly nighttime activities—or at least that’s what he’s imagining at the time. Other than « You Can’t Hurry Love », Phil Collins produced another hit single which managed to enter the US Top 40 at No. 39, called « I Don’t Care Anymore », a dark song, which gave him his first Grammy Award nomination for Best Rock Vocal Performance, Male in 1984, with the gated reverb effect and lyrics of his divorce similar to the previous « In the Air Tonight ».

The more upbeat tracks serve as a preamble to the more commercial sound of the next album No Jacket Required. The album takes much of its inspiration from the problems in Collins’ personal life, most notably the painful divorce he was going through at the time. This accounts for the dark and embittered tone on several of the tracks, including the single « I Don’t Care Anymore ». Co-produced with Hugh Padgham, the gated reverb sound of the drum kit is employed in full yet again, with a mixture of very dry drum sounds on tracks like « I Cannot Believe It’s True » in contrast to the huge acoustics used on « Do You Know, Do You Care? ».

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. « I Don’t Care Anymore » 5:00
2. « I Cannot Believe It’s True » 5:14
3. « Like China » 5:05
4. « Do You Know, Do You Care? » 4:57
5. « You Can’t Hurry Love » 2:50
6. « It Don’t Matter to Me » 4:12
7. « Thru These Walls » 5:02
8. « Don’t Let Him Steal Your Heart Away » 4:43
9. « The West Side » 4:59
10. « Why Can’t It Wait ‘Til Morning » 3:01
Total length: