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Phil Collins : No jacket required

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Album: No jacket required

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Genre: Pop, Rock

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No Jacket Required is the third solo album by English singer-songwriter Phil Collins, released on 25 January 1985. The album was named after an incident at The Pump Room in Chicago, where Collins was denied admittance to the establishment because of his attire. No Jacket Required features guest vocalists, including Helen Terry, Peter Gabriel and Sting. Some of the songs, like « Don’t Lose My Number » and « Sussudio », were based around improvisation. Other songs, like « Long Long Way to Go », had a political message. « One More Night », « Sussudio », « Don’t Lose My Number », and « Take Me Home » were released as singles, with corresponding music videos. All four singles were top-ten hits in the Billboard Hot 100, with « Sussudio » and « One More Night » reaching number one. The three singles that were released in the UK all reached the top 20 on the UK charts.

The album was positively received and won three Grammy Awards including for Album of the Year in 1986. Stephen Holden of The New York Times said that Collins was « quietly revolutionising and expanding the role of the drums in pop record making ». Rolling Stone reviewer David Fricke said that, « Like his ’81 and ’82 outings, Face Value and Hello, I Must Be Going!, No Jacket Required is not an album that waits to be liked ». Collins’ most commercially successful album, No Jacket Required went to number one in several countries, including the United States (where it was at the top of the charts for seven weeks), United Kingdom and Canada. According to the RIAA, the record sold over twelve million copies in the US, and in the UK, the album sold over two million copies, and was certified 6× platinum. Worldwide, the album has sold over 25 million copies.

Many of the songs, including « Take Me Home », and « Long Long Way to Go », have been used in episodes of Miami Vice and Cold Case, and « The Man with the Horn » was re-written and re-recorded for the episode « Phil the Shill ». « We Said Hello Goodbye » was re-recorded for the movie Playing for Keeps.

Following the release of the album Collins embarked on the successful No Jacket Required World Tour. At the end of the tour, Collins received critical acclaim for performing at both the London and Philadelphia Live Aid concerts on 13 July 1985. During the tour, Collins recorded a song with Marilyn Martin for the movie White Nights, called « Separate Lives », which was a number one hit in the US, and a top ten hit in the UK. Remixes of six songs from the album were later included on the 12″ers compilation.

Track listing

Side One

No. Title Length
1. « Sussudio » 4:23
2. « Only You Know and I Know » (Lyrics: Collins, Music: Daryl Stuermer) 4:20
3. « Long Long Way To Go » 4:20
4. « I Don’t Wanna Know » (Lyrics: Collins, Music: Stuermer) 4:12
5. « One More Night » 4:47

Side Two

No. Title Length
1. « Don’t Lose My Number » 4:46
2. « Who Said I Would » 4:01
3. « Doesn’t Anybody Stay Together Anymore » (Lyrics: Collins, Music: Collins, Stuermer) 4:18
4. « Inside Out » 5:14
5. « Take Me Home » 5:51
CD Bonus Track
No. Title Length
1. « We Said Hello Goodbye » (Only released on CD version of No Jacket Required. A different mix of the song was also released on the Playing for Keeps soundtrack album.) 4:15
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