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Ramy Sabry : Wana M3ah 2013

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Fiche technique de Album - Ramy Sabry : Wana M3ah 2013Date de publication: 27 juin 2013


Album: Wana M3ah 2013

Poste le: 27-06-2013 @ 6:19

Genre: Oriental

Vues: 5  426 Fois

Rami Sabry Arabic: رامي صبري‎ (born on 15 March 1978) is a well known Egyptian singer.


Before graduating from the music academy in Egypt, he had already started his musical career by composing songs for a few well-known singers, such as Amer Mounib, Sherine and Fadl Shaker . In 2005 he met director Tarek Alrian who immediately decided to adopt Rami’s talent and to produce his first album « Habiby Al Awalany. » Three videos were shot, two of which were directed by Tarek Alarian and one by Moussa Eissa. Having launched his first album, Rami went on to participate in many musical events such as: live concerts, school proms and university welcome parties. Eventually, Rami became successful and has now become a well known singer in Egypt. Moreover, in the media field, he appeared in three major middle eastern shows: Taratata, which was shot in Paris, Naghamand Sekout Hanghny. He was even selected to be given some movie scripts to consider, which he unfortunately turned down. In Rami’s point of view, he wishes that Tarek Alarian would direct his first film as he feels he would most likely present Ramy in his best image.

Second album

In 2008, Rami worked hard to put out his second album, but he began experiencing delays. The album was leaked to websites and all his work lost. Therefore, The album has been postponed more than once. Rami was racing against time to make his album see the light again, he made new songs for his album in a record time. Finally, his album was put in markets and has seen an overwhelming success and sales even with lack of advertising, which was confined to one ad on television and some posters.

Track listing

01 – Haga Ghareba
02 – Bartah
03 – Aseebek Youmein
04 – Mosh Fare2
05 – Heya Leh Betes2al
06 – Ana Leah Bashta2lak
07 – Ma3ak Ana
08 – Masa2ltenish
09 – Beterga3 Leah
10 – Ma3 El Ayam
11 – Hawel Dayman
12 – Haras Wala Tekhawen

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