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Shakira : She Wolf (US Edition)

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Fiche technique de Album - Shakira : She Wolf (US Edition)Date de publication: 20 juin 2013


Album: She Wolf (US Edition)

Poste le: 20-06-2013 @ 6:37

Genre: Dance, Pop

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She Wolf (Spanish: Loba) is the eighth studio album by Colombian singer-songwriterShakira, released on October 9, 2009, by Epic Records and Sony Music Latin. It became her final project with the labels, ending an eighteen-year partnership with Sony Music Latin and and eight-year contract with Epic. Musically, the record shifts from her traditional Latin pop and pop rock influences, instead exploring electropop and dancehall styles. Asexecutive producers, Shakira and Amanda Ghost enlisted collaborators including Lukas Burton, Future Cut, Jerry Duplessis, John Hill, Wyclef Jean, The Neptunes, andTimbaland.

Upon its release, She Wolf was met with generally favorable reviews from music critics, who complimented its progression from her earlier works. The album debuted at number fifteen on the US Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 89,000 copies. In doing so, it became Shakira’s lowest-charting record in nearly a decade. The album proved more successful internationally, topping charts and attaining gold and platinum certification in several South American and European territories. To date, it has sold 410,000 copies in the United States and an estimated two million worldwide.

Four singles were released from the album. Its lead single « She Wolf » and its Spanish counterpart « Loba » reached the top ten in several countries. Follow-up singles « Did It Again » and its Spanish translation « Lo Hecho Está Hecho », « Give It Up to Me », and « Gypsy » achieved moderate commercial success internationally.

Track listing

No. Title Lyrics Music Producer Length
1. « She Wolf » Shakira Shakira, John Hill, Sam Endicott Shakira, Hill 3:10
2. « Did It Again » Shakira, Pharrell Williams Shakira, Williams Shakira, The Neptunes 3:13
3. « Long Time » Shakira, Williams Shakira, Williams Shakira, The Neptunes, Hill (add.) 2:56
4. « Why Wait » Shakira, Williams Shakira, Williams Shakira, The Neptunes, Hill (add.) 3:43
5. « Good Stuff » Shakira, Williams Shakira, Williams Shakira, The Neptunes, Hill (add.) 3:18
6. « Men in This Town » Shakira Shakira, Hill, Endicott Shakira, Hill 3:36
7. « Gypsy » Amanda Ghost, Shakira,Ian Dench, Carl Sturken, Evan Rogers Ghost, Shakira, Dench, Sturken, Rogers Shakira, Ghost, Lukas Burton, Future Cut 3:18
8. « Spy » (featuring Wyclef Jean) Shakira, Jean Shakira, Jean Shakira, Jean, Jerry Duplessis, Hill (add.) 3:27
9. « Mon Amour » Shakira, Albert Menendez Shakira, Menendez Shakira, Hill 4:06
10. « Lo Hecho Está Hecho » Shakira, Jorge Drexler Shakira, Williams Shakira, The Neptunes 3:13
11. « Años Luz » Shakira, Drexler Shakira, Williams Shakira, The Neptunes 3:44
12. « Loba » Shakira, Drexler Shakira, Hill, Endicott Shakira, Hill 3:09
United States, South America and Mexico iTunes Store bonus tracks
No. Title Length
13. « Give It Up to Me » (featuring Lil Wayne) 3:06
14. « Did It Again » (Remix) (featuring Kid Cudi) 3:50
15. « Gypsy » (Live) 3:27
16. « She Wolf » (Live) 3:11
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