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Shakira : The One (CDS) (Single)

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Fiche technique de Album - Shakira : The One (CDS) (Single)Date de publication: 26 juin 2013


Album: The One (CDS) (Single)

Poste le: 26-06-2013 @ 4:41

Genre: Pop, Rock, Single

Vues: 2  035 Fois

« The One » is a song recorded, written, and produced by Colombian singer-songwriterShakira for her first English-language studio album, Laundry Service. The track was released as the album’s fourth single in 2003 in many European countries, but not in the United States. Epic Records wanted to release « The One » in the United States, but due to the failure of Shakira’s previous single « Objection (Tango) » and that it was doing below average, Epic scrapped those plans. However in the U.S. « The One » was able to make theTRL countdown, and it peaked at number three. In other countries, it became a modest hit.

Track listings

  1. « The One » (Glen’s Radio Mix) – 3:47
  2. « The One » (Album Version) – 3:43
  3. « Whenever, Wherever » (Hammad Bell Remix) – 3:48
  4. « Te Aviso, Te Anuncio (Tango) » (Gigi D’Agostino Tango Remix) – 6:10
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